Purpose and Claim

Our company was founded more than 115 years ago as a steel and metal distributor. Since its inception, Klöckner & Co has never stayed the same. We always anticipated the changing environment and refocused upon our customers’ demands. And for a while now, we have also been consistently pursuing the path of digitalization. Change has always been and will always be part of our daily business. And constant change requires orientation.

This is why we have asked ourselves: Why do we exist? What is our essence and our identity? In brainstorming sessions, the participants of our Leadership Empowerment Program (LEMP) and employees from different divisions and countries were looking for the answers and ways to capture them in only one sentence. We consolidated the results into our new purpose statement: 

“We partner with customers and suppliers

to deliver innovative metal solutions

for a sustainable tomorrow.”

This statement summarizes who we are and what is our role in society: We are reliable partners for both customers and suppliers and support them with innovative metal solutions that go beyond mere delivery. We convince with new ideas, digital tools and automated processes and partner with suppliers who make our product portfolio even more attractive.

At the same time, Klöckner & Co is committed to a sustainable tomorrow and strives to develop further: From digital pioneer in the steel industry to pioneer for sustainability. We have made green solutions an integral part of our business model and are building a range of products and services. As one of the first steel service companies worldwide, we are going to offer significant quantities of green steel at an early stage.

Our purpose is therefore in line with our strategy “Klöckner & Co 2025: Leveraging Strengths.” In all strategic decisions, the purpose will help as a guiding north star. We continue our successful approach to provide customers with the best solutions as the leading one-stop-shop for steel, other materials, equipment and processing services in Europe and the Americas as well as a pioneer in sustainability. Thereby, our values and the Klöckner Principles remain the foundation on which we stand.

Our new purpose underlines our contribution to society and serves as a north star. It will collectively guide us through our daily doing, helping us individually and as a team to reach our full potential.

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