Data Transparency

We are pleased you have taken time to visit to our website today, and the interest you have shown in our company. As the protection of your data is one of our highest priorities, we want to make clear to you how and why we handle your personal data:

- Which of your personal data do we process?
- For what purpose do we need this data?
- Where is your data stored?
- How long do we store your data?
- To whom do we pass on your data
- What are your rights?
- Plus anything else we think you might need to know on how we process your data

Below you will find various privacy statements. For a better overview, these are sorted by topics. Simply select the area you are interested in and open the privacy statement provided there.

For further information, you can also contact the person named below at any time.

Tone from the Top

Our goal is to lead Klöckner & Co successfully and sustainably into the future as an innovative company with a clear customer focus.

To this end, we want our decisions and actions to be guided by the following core values:
Responsibility and credibility, sustainability and safety, as well as respectful and fair dealings with each other and with our business partners.

Ensuring data protection is a key concern for us in this regard. What is personal and private belongs first and foremost to the data subject and must be treated accordingly. Everyone must be able to rely on this, and it is important for the following reasons:

At Klöckner & Co, we comply with applicable laws and our Code of Conduct. In addition, we want to protect Klöckner & Co from harm, which in the case of data protection means, in particular, avoiding loss of reputation and severe fines. Above all, we want to protect our business partners, our customers and ourselves from data misuse.

As a pioneer of the digital transformation in the steel industry, we regard data protection as a basic prerequisite for doing business in a manner that is not only progressive but also secure and sustainable. We also aim to be the leading company in our industry when it comes to data protection. You and I must be aware that we come into contact with personal data at almost every step in our processes. For this reason, I would like to strengthen our shared awareness of our processes in order to act in compliance with data protection at all times.

This requires a determined attitude, especially from our managers but also from each individual employee. It depends on all of us, and I trust that you are on board.

Guido Kerkhoff
Chairman of the Management Board


A company can only be successful in the long run if it acts with integrity, complies with the law and is bound by its voluntary commitments and ethical principles. This is demonstrated by the Klöckner & Co SE Group's "Code of Conduct”, which we have been continuously developing and adhering to over 10 years.  In this regard, the Management Board pursues an unmistakable "zero tolerance strategy", which provides appropriate sanctions and measures in the event of violations.

This also applies, in particular, to the lawful processing of personal data, in particular that of our business partners and employees. To take this into account, we have implemented a data protection organization, defined clear guidelines and processes and designed target group-oriented training for our employees.

I would like to thank all our employees for their commitment to our values as part of Klöckner.


Gisbert Rühl  
Chairman of the Management Board



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Deutsch: Die deutsche Datenschutzerklärung finden Sie hier.

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