Smart, digital management of product emissions with Nexigen® Data Services



This is how the Product Carbon Footprint facilitates decisions by our customers



What our PCF Declaration contains:

✓ The product carbon footprint from raw material extraction to production and transport emissions from our warehouse to the customer's factory gate

✓ TÜV SÜD seal: Our calculation method is officially certified (ISO 14067, ref. ISO 14040 and 14044)

✓ Unique product affiliation: Detailed product information such as batch, order number, and delivery number


The next milestone – Nexigen® Data Services



With Nexigen® Data Services, our customers can actively manage the CO2 emissions of their Klöckner products so they can reach their reduction targets.

To ensure Nexigen® Data Services are easy and convenient to use, we focused on three core functionalities when we developed the technology solutionNexigen® Data Services brings the COemissions history of all products procured through Klöckner & Co together in one place to provide a clear and transparent overview. Customers also receive specific suggestions for greener alternatives and directly see ways to potentially reduce  CO2 emissions compared to previous orders.


Even clearer:

✓ Overview of all orders

✓ Graphical visualization of emissions

✓  Search and filter options (e.g. by product type)

More transparent:

✓ Detailed breakdown of emissions (cradle to gate)

✓ Independently certified by TÜV SÜD

✓ High level of data integrity and seamless transparency thanks to innovative blockchain technology

More sustainable:

✓ Analysis of historical and current emissions data

✓ Precise calculation of CO2 reduction potential

✓ Specific product recommendations based on previous orders to reduce carbon emissions even further


Blockchain technology is revolutionizing CO₂ emissions tracking


The use of open blockchain technology allows for a high degree of data integrity as well as seamless transparency along the entire value chain, while at the same time raising the bar for CO2 emissions tracking in the steel industry and enabling customers to take targeted steps to reduce emissions on the basis of a reliable and precise analysis.


Real solutions, not just visions

How we help you reduce CO₂ emissions

Nexigen® Data Services – Manage emissions smartly and digitally

With Nexigen® Data Services, we offer our customers the opportunity to actively manage the CO₂ emissions of their Klöckner products.

Categorizations for CO₂-reduced products

With the product categorizations for steel, stainless steel and aluminum, we are creating unprecedented transparency in the market.


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