Management Board Activity

The Management Board is responsible for governing the Company and is committed to sustainable value creation and serving the interests of the Company, taking into account the interests of its shareholders, employees and other groups affiliated with the Company (stakeholders). It sets strategic objectives and company policy, coordinates these with the Supervisory Board and directs and supervises their implementation. It ensures compliance with legal provisions and company guidelines and ensures that these are observed.

The Management Board and the Supervisory Board work closely together for the benefit of the Company.

The Klöckner & Co SE Group Management Board currently consists of three members, whose work is partly functional and partly operational. Management Board member’s responsibilities and the matters reserved for the entire Management Board are allocated based on a schedule. Management Board members are appointed for a maximum of five years. They may be re-appointed once or several times.

Management Board

Remuneration System Management Board

Remuneration Reports Management Board

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