As a company with a long tradition, Klöckner & Co considers it its duty to contribute to the well-being of society. Active involvement in the immediate neighborhood of our corporate headquarters and branches is important and an identity-forming factor for our company. Our aim is to ensure that our financial contributions benefit those who really need them.

As our national companies are best placed to assess the individual needs in their regions, they carry out their donation and sponsorship activities independently. Supporting selected individual projects in the fields of science, sports, art and culture is just as important to us as the ongoing promotion of educational initiatives and the integration of refugees into our society.

Klöckner & Co pursues a clear and long-term strategy in supporting charitable projects in Germany: We want to sustainably improve the educational situation of socially disadvantaged children in our immediate environment. To achieve this goal, we focus our contribution on local education and primary care projects from which as many children and young people as possible can benefit. For more than ten years now, our focus has been on district work in Duisburg-Marxloh, which is characterized by a high proportion of residents with an immigrant background. We cooperate with schools, children's and youth facilities, and regional foundations.

In 2012, in collaboration with the Ruhr Piano Festival Foundation, we developed the multi-award-winning education project for the musical and artistic promotion of children and implemented it for the first time with two schools. Five schools from Duisburg-Marxloh are now involved. In 2021, a new offering for daycare centers was added, the content of which is closely related to the basic musical work at elementary schools. This focuses on the transition from kindergarten to school and opens up another field of activity for cultural district work.

Klöckner & Co reaffirmed its social commitment to the non-profit computer programming school ReDI School of Digital Integration (ReDI School) in 2022 and, moving forward, will also continue to support the Kids and Youth Program in Duisburg-Marxloh as the main sponsor. Klöckner & Co has lent its support to the ReDI School since its founding in 2015, providing the computer programming school with financial resources along with access to a wide and diverse network.

In August 2019, Klöckner & Co and the ReDI School jointly launched the Duisburg-Marxloh location. Despite the restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic, the school has thrived: Roughly three years after the start of the Kids and Youth Program in Duisburg-Marxloh, the number of students participating in the program has grown from 70 to a total of 560 at five schools.

Despite this rapid growth, the Kids and Youth Program remains focused on promoting job market integration, teaching technical and soft skills, and strengthening media literacy.

Find out more about the ReDI School’s work here.

Internationally, each country sets its own priorities within the framework of our donation guidelines. Our national organization in Switzerland, for example, has been particularly committed to young professionals (under 23 years of age) since 2005 and is a gold partner in "SwissSkills. The competition promotes top performance in around 60 occupations and raises the public profile of vocational training, especially the dual system.


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