Building on our pioneering role in the digitalization of the steel industry, we will further leverage our potential and extend it to cover the level of automation. We continue to develop innovative digital solutions and digitalize our internal core processes. With seamless, end-to-end process integration featuring a very high degree of digitalization and automation, we can take process speed and efficiency to high levels along the entire value chain. Besides the systematic digitalization of internal and external processes, an essential component of this digital transformation is a profound cultural shift within the Company.


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Since 2014, the kloeckner.i unit combines all Group-wide IT and digital capabilities. In this way the country organizations have a central point of contact that provides not only operative business expertise, but also support with the digital business transformation and advice on technical solutions. They support the operating business through numerous activities such as conducting projects, developing more efficient processes and helping define the specifications for tools. The Product department defines digital product visions. In addition to providing technical customer service and expanding our e-commerce solutions on an ongoing basis, this department works on applications such as data-driven, algorithm-based pricing. Engineering focuses on the development and implementation of the technology strategy. Meanwhile, IT Infrastructure creates the framework for digital business processes by operating various systems and tools in the cloud or connecting them with one another via interfaces in order to ensure data flows and provide users with access to high-performance and, most importantly, secure systems.

To ensure that each and every individual is taken along on this journey and sees himself or herself as part of the changes, we have developed a broad catalog of measures that offers all employees the opportunity to acquire digital skills at an individual pace. For the targeted expansion of digital skills, we offer all employees job-specific in-house training and language courses as part of our Group-wide Kloeckner Academy. Users can access a wide range of online courses, most of which are designed to enhance digital skills. Our employees have already completed over 19,300 courses since the launch of the Kloeckner Academy. 

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