12/04/2009, Duisburg


The Management Board of Klöckner & Co SE (“Klöckner & Co”) announces the substitution of the Luxembourg issuer of the EUR 325 million convertible bond issued in July 2007 and due 2012 (ISIN DE000A0N0J03, WKN A0N0J0, Common Code 031294827). Pursuant to § 15 of the terms and conditions of the bonds, the original issuer Klöckner & Co Finance International S.A., Luxembourg, is substituted by Klöckner & Co Financial Services S.A., also Luxembourg. The substitute issuer, which is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Klöckner & Co SE as well, has issued in June 2009 the EUR 97.9 million convertible bond due 2014. The reason for the substitution is the optimization of the financing structure and the reduction of administration costs. No further changes follow from such substitution; in particular, all rights of the bondholders and the guarantee of Klöckner & Co for the bonds remain substantively unchanged.

Press Release 12/04/2009

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Christian Pokropp

Head of Corporate Communications

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