09/11/2008, Duisburg


The European-wide image campaign being launched by Klöckner & Co SE shows that facts as hard as steel can come in light packaging. In September 2008, Klöckner & Co is launching a new advertising campaign. The campaign, developed jointly by the company and the advertising agency BBDO Düsseldorf, highlights the core competencies of expertise at Klöckner & Co.

Simple but striking, the five print images in the campaign reflect the qualities for which the largest mill-independent multi metal distributor in the entire market of Europe and North America stands for: global multi metal procurement, needs-based deliveries made over the shortest distances possible thanks to a tightly integrated international distribution network, a broad mill-independent product range as well as individual services.

Every image illustrates a different core competence of the steel distributor. Effectively presented in front of a neutral background, each one radiates some of the inherent fascination of the metal. To help viewers visualize the central focus of Klöckner & Co, “distribution,” a handwritten “A” and “B” have been added to both section ends. They symbolize the start and finish of the journey that our products take to customers. The campaign’s slogan is: “One of our simplest exercises.” This message creates a contrast with complex logistics jobs and heavy steel sections.

The ads will primarily appear in national and international professional journals of the steel sector and of the sector’s customer segments, including construction and mechanical engineering, as well as in special sections of national daily newspapers.

Press Release 09/11/2008

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