Segmentation of Klöckner & Co SE

Since July 1, 2021, we divide into three operating segments. Our segmentation results from the management structure and the respective responsibilities. The segments are named as follows:

  • Kloeckner Metals US
  • Kloeckner Metals EU
  • Kloeckner Metals Non-EU

Headquarters functions not allocated to a segment are reported separately, together with consolidation adjustments, under Headquarters and Others.

Kloeckner Metals US

The Kloeckner Metals US segment comprises all our business in the USA, Mexico and Brazil. It covers all services from metal and steel distribution to processing and innovative and high-tech value-added business offered in these regions. Kloeckner Metals US is the largest segment in the Group and is headed by John Ganem, Member of the Management Board (CEO Americas).

Kloeckner Metals EU

The Kloeckner Metals EU segment includes the distribution and steel service center business of our operations in the European Union (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany incl. Becker Stahl-Service, the Netherlands). Its core business is related to general steel and metal distribution, while also offering innovative and high-tech value-added business at our service center for flat steel and aluminum at Becker Stahl-Service in Bönen. Kloeckner Metals EU is our second largest segment and is managed by Bernhard Weiß, Member of the Management Board (CEO Europe).

Kloeckner Metals Non-EU

The Kloeckner Metals Non-EU segment includes all distribution activities in the United Kingdom and in addition our specialty business of providing distribution solutions and services ranging from reinforcement to multi metal and technical products in Switzerland. The country organizations within Kloeckner Metals Non-EU report directly to Guido Kerkhoff, Chairman of the Management Board (CEO of Klöckner & Co SE).

Headquarters & Others

Headquarters & Others consists of the activities of the holding company, Shared Services as well as kloeckner.i and XOM  Materials. All these businesses are not narrowly bound to any other of the three operative segments.

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