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Working at Klöckner

A company on the move

As we push forward with our innovative "Klöckner & Co 2022" corporate strategy, the company as a whole is embracing the digital age. Above all, we are championing the expansion of business into higher value-added products and services as well as the digitalization of our supply and value chain. What is perhaps an unconventional route for a time-honored company in a tradition-steeped industry calls for a healthy dose of creative thinking and business-minded agility. Striking a balance between firmly anchored structures and contemporary start-up thinking presents a special challenge, which Klöckner & Co employees are taking up with great fervor. The radical transformation from an established steel giant to a flexible, customer-focused service provider with its finger on the digital pulse opens up plenty of scope for personal development and growth.

Our core values and principles

Our Code of Conduct

Our Code of Conduct is the bedrock of our corporate culture. It sets out not only our ethical and social values but also our fundamental principles and practices. These govern our actions both internally as well as when dealing with business partners and the public at large.

Our management culture

We regard our management culture as a touchstone for inspiring all of our employees to treat one another fairly and respectfully, ensuring that each of us has the chance to achieve the greatest possible success in our daily work.

This is why the special role management plays is explicitly enshrined in our Klöckner Management Competence Model and our Code of Conduct (excerpts):

Our executives are expected to

  • Commit to the organization’s strategies, values and goals
  • Be trustworthy and genuine, including putting words into action
  • Cultivate diversity among employees and encourage mutual appreciation and respect
  • Promote and develop employees
  • Set clear, quantifiable targets
  • Communicate clearly and unambiguously, while fostering team spirit and cooperation throughout the Group

We also commit ourselves to a responsible management culture. Therefore, in January 2017, our Chairman of the Management Board signed the "Compact for Responsive and Responsible Leadership" required by the International Business Council of the World Economic Forum.

Job Board

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