11/24/2014, Duisburg


Duisburg, Germany, November 24, 2014 – For almost 10 years the Meyer Werft shipyard in Papenburg has been working together with the recently renamed Duisburg-based steel company Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH. Now the two companies have signed a contract that defines the terms of their collaboration for the next 10 years.

In addition to handling operational purchasing and materials management, Klöckner & Co Deutschland will also assume responsibility for overseeing the supply of shipbuilding steel at Meyer Werft, including warehousing and logistics. Klöckner & Co Germany will thus ensure that Meyer Werft can maintain continuous production by providing for one hundred percent availability of sheet and profile steel.

"Our collaboration with Klöckner & Co Deutschland has evolved superbly over the past few years. So it was entirely logical to take this next step together," emphasizes Ralf Sempf, Head of Materials Management and Procurement at Meyer Werft.

Cooperation between the two companies began with the operation of a consignment warehouse for ship plate – a novelty in the shipbuilding industry at the time. Currently Klöckner & Co Deutschland manages about 70,000 tons of plate and based on the new contract prospectively up to 15,000 tons of shipbuilding profiles annually for Meyer Werft's production processes. The lynchpin of operations is a unique in the world blasting, straightening and priming unit that recently went into service, used in the prefabrication of all ship steel.

"Both sides benefit equally from the expansion of this successful partnership," says Gisbert Rühl, CEO of Klöckner & Co SE. "Meyer Werft is guaranteed constant availability of materials that meet the demanding requirements for durability and quality in shipbuilding. Klöckner sees this long-term contract as a vote of confidence in our reliability and productivity while, at the same time, confirming that our strategy of expanding higher-value processing services is an effective one."

"In addition to materials procurement and supply, we are generating real added value for Meyer Werft by providing services and technological support," underlines Sven Koepchen, CEO of the Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH.

About Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH:
Klöckner & Co Deutschland GmbH is the German subsidiary of the publicly listed company Klöckner & Co SE. Klöckner & Co is the largest producer-independent distributor of steel and metal products and one of the leading steel service center companies in the European and American markets combined. The core business of Klöckner & Co is the warehousing and distribution of steel and non-ferrous metals as well as the operation of steel service centers. Based on the Group's distribution and service network, around 150,000 customers are supplied through around 220 locations in 15 countries. Currently Klöckner & Co employs around 9,800 employees. The Group had sales of around €6.4 billion in fiscal 2013.

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Press Release 11/24/2014

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