Klöckner & Co is one of the largest producer-independent steel and metal distributors, allowing us to offer a wide range of exciting career opportunities. As a Value Adder we create real benefits, whether through higher value-added processing or the digitalisation of our entire supply and service chain. To accomplish this we are looking for talented, ‘can do’ people at all levels. We have the right opportunity for you, no matter what your experience or quaifications. Whether you are high school student, college student, graduate or professional or industry expert. Don’t let the opportunity pass you by, apply for a career in an internationally renowned company.

High School Students                                                                 Graduates &                                                                               Specialists & Executives
                                                                                                     Young Professionals            


You're still at school, studying hard for graduation or for the exam? We consider an attractive education to be immensely important to young people and offer high school students and college students the opportunity to take on responsible and exciting tasks from the outset, and to prepare them for a diverse and challenging market as part of our Apprenticeship Programme or as a standard entrant.

We offer a wide range of vocational training programs at our country organization in Germany:

  • Management assistant in wholesale and foreign trade
  • Office manager (m/f)
  • Industrial clerk (only at the Velten site)
  • Milling machine operator (m/f)
  • Warehouse logistics operator (m/f)
  • Warehouse operator (m/f)

For more detailed information about specific jobs, go to our German national company website.
Have we whet your appetite? Then be sure to read through our helpful hints for candidates before applying online.
Visit our list of openings in vocational training here.

Have you imagined something completely different? An internship is a great opportunity to get to know a company. What is the steel industry all about? Is an office job really right for me? What are my strengths? Discover it for yourself.

Trust yourself – as we trust in you. Apprenticeships at Kloeckner are often the start of a successful career. From the first day, our apprentices work as part of a team and assume responsibility early on. We understand the importance of communication, networking and exchange, this is why you will be provided with an existing apprentice as a mentor. You will receive outside accreditation and assessment as part of your ongoing qualification as well as gaining experience working ‘on the job’. As part of an intake of apprentices, you will also receive additional, structured development from the internal Learning & Development team and the opportunity to network with other apprentices.

Our company offers numerous training occupations; in the commercial sector for example training as wholesale and foreign trade or industrial clerk. ​In the industrial sector Klöckner provides aprrenticeships at different locations as machine and plant operator, milling machine operator, warehouse operator and warehouse logistics operator. 

For more detailed information about specific jobs, go to our German national company website.
Have we whet your appetite? Then be sure to read through our helpful hints for candidates before applying online.
Visit our list of openings in vocational training here.

Working or rather studying? With us you can combine both. In a dual curriculum, you lay the foundation for your personal career with the theory and deepen your knowledge in parallel in practice. So you get to know the steel trading business from scratch and develop it with your ideas. We offer three-year dual curriculums at our Head Office in Duisburg with a focus on sales, purchasing or controlling.

In parallel to the bachelor’s degree in trade management, you will complete an apprenticeship as a merchant in wholesale and foreign trade during the first two years, and a long-term internship in your third year of study. In the three-month practical phases, you will go through all the key areas of the Head Office: Purchasing, Sales, Customers, Vendors and Personnel. During the theory phases, which also last three months each, you will study three days a week at the university and two days at the vocational school. We support foreign exchange semesters and internships at one of our foreign companies, also financially. 

We take working students by the hand. But only for a short time, because then you already work practically and independently during your studies. You have the following requirements:

  • Three to four semesters in an Economics degree program 
  • ​Good command of English
  • ​Very good knowledge of MS Office
  • Motivation, customer focus and socialbility


Change is our everyday life, digitalisation creates new and exciting areas of activity. You have your bachelor's or master's degree and are looking for a direct entry after graduation? We will find the perfect entry into your professional life with you: become a Value Adder, quite individually. We offer junior positions in the areas of Sales, Controlling, Internal Audit, Human Resources, Logistics or Purchasing.

Here’s what you should bring with you:

  • A promptly completed degree with good results
  • Basic practical experience (e.g. vocational training, internships at companies, initial on-the-job experience)
  • Knowledge of current software applications  
  • Foreign language skills  
  • Initial experience abroad would be an advantage

Have we whet your appetite? Then be sure to read through our helpful hints for candidates before applying online.


Are you ready for a new direction in your career? You can add value as an entrepreneur within the company, using your experience to revolutionise the steel business through us. Our goal is to increase the competitiveness and ultimately the profitability of Kloeckner. We are emphatically pushing ahead the full digitalisation of our supply and service chain and we are constantly looking for specialists and executives who surprise us with innovative ideas and perspectives. If you have experience, commitment and willingness to embrace change, then apply and join our Team!

Below is an overview of our job categories:

  • Purchasing & Product Management
  • Sales
  • Operations & Logistics
  • Finance
  • Regional/Branch Management
  • IT & Processes
  • Human Resources