Klöckner & Co takes a holistic approach to responsible conduct. Consequently, although it is defined here as a single action area, responsible conduct may also be regarded as an overarching concept that embraces all other action areas. 

This is because, for Klöckner & Co, responsible conduct based on ethical convictions paves the way for long-term business success and hence also for sustainability.


As an international Group with numerous supplier and customer relationships worldwide, Klöckner & Co aims to ensure integrity and responsibility both within the Company and in interactions with business partners, as well as to establish responsible relationships. Klöckner & Co expects employees at all levels of the Company, regardless of their hierarchical position, to comply with prevailing competition rules and antitrust laws. The Management Board has unequivocally expressed in its "Tone from the Top" that antitrust violations and corruption are not tolerated at Klöckner & Co and any infringements are systematically pursued.

Our employees are provided with a frame of reference and guidance in the form of our Group-wide Code of Conduct together with internal Group guidelines and procedural instructions on topics such as adherence to antitrust rules, the engagement of intermediaries, anti-money laundering, export controls and anti-corruption in business dealings. We expect external business partners to comply with the ethical values and principles enshrined in our Code of Conduct, Supplier Code of Conduct or a comparable code of their own and to implement them effectively in their organization.

Classroom training and e-learning programs familiarize new employees with the content of the Code of Conduct and raise awareness of, for instance, compliance-related issues such as antitrust law, corruption risks, money laundering risks and fraud. We first separate employees into different target groups which then receive training tailored to their specific areas of work. Additionally, we conduct refresher e-learning sessions throughout the Group to keep our employees up to date and address specific compliance-related issues with examples from their day-to-day work.

Our employees and business partners additionally have the option of directing information on potential compliance violations and/or breaches of our Code of Conduct directly to the Corporate Compliance Office. A telephone and web-based whistleblower system operated by an external service provider is available for this purpose. The whistleblower system can be accessed free of charge from anywhere in the world and can also be used anonymously.


Klöckner & Co SE and its country organizations pay attention to ethically correct and compliant behavior in business dealings. As stated in our Code of Conduct and moreover in our Group human rights policy, Klöckner & Co does not tolerate any violation of the principles set out in them under any circumstances. Alongside observance of laws and human rights, these principles include the prohibition of child labor and ensuring workforce health and safety, as well as

compliance with the statutory minimum wage and working hours. This concerns both our own Company and all upstream parts of our value chain. We expect everyone in our supply chain to follow the same principles. In order to clearly convey this expectations, we introduced a Group-wide Supplier Code of Conduct in fiscal year 2018.

Prudent and responsible product procurement is of special importance to Klöckner & Co. For example, a key goal in the procurement process is to ensure that minerals contained in our products are not from conflict particularly important concern for us as a distributor is the origin of the minerals incorporated in the products we sell. The importance of this topic is also reflected in requirements laid down by our international customers, who expect us to provide clear proof of origin. Of particular interest in this regard are conflict minerals such as columbite tantalite (coltan), cassiterite, gold, wolframite and derivatives, which include tantalum, tin and tungsten.

The annual review of our product portfolio in fiscal year 2020 showed that less than 1% of our products possibly contain tantalum, tin or tungsten. We expect our suppliers, together with their subcontractors, to trace conflict minerals at least to where they were smelted and to commit to standard reporting processes. Klöckner & Co reserves the right to demand additional supply chain verification from its suppliers and, where appropriate, to trace conflict minerals back to the mine of origin. For their part, suppliers should also formulate and implement conflict minerals policies and principles.


As a tradition-rich company, Klöckner & Co also regards it as its duty to contribute to the well-being of society. Active involvement in the immediate vicinity of our headquarters and branches is a key aspect and an identitybuilding factor for our Group. We are committed to the principles of the "Davos Manifesto" of the World Economic Forum. In addition, active involvement in the immediate vicinity

of our headquarters and branches is important to us and is an identity-forming factor for our company. According to the principles of the "Davos Manifesto", the universal purpose of a company in the fourth industrial revolution consists of three principles. We are committed to the principles of the "Davos Manifesto" and regard them as a guideline for our business activities.

  • The purpose of a company is to engage all its stakeholders in shared and sustained value creation.
  • A company is more than an economic unit generating wealth.
  • A company that has a multinational scope of acts itself as a stakeholder – together with governments and civil society – of our global future.

Our goal is for the financial support we provide to benefit those who really need it. Donation and sponsoring activities are conducted autonomously by our country organizations as they are best placed to judge individual needs in their region. They are provided with a framework in the form of Group-wide procedural instructions through which we ensure a uniform thrust in corporate citizenship 

activities while catering to the individual circumstances of our markets. The focus of our activities is on supporting selected scientific, sports, art and cultural projects along with ongoing promotion of regional aid projects, university education and the integration of refugees into our society.


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Head of Investor Relations|Head of Strategic Sustainability

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