A qualified and motivated workforce of employees who feel at ease in the workplace pave the way for Klöckner & Co to generate added value – for employees, for the Company and hence also for our customers. If we are to keep the entire workforce motivated, recruit new talents and secure employee loyalty, we need a working environment characterized by long-term security, supportiveness, professionalism and mutual respect. Such a working environment is vital to Klöckner’s success – and for every one of us to be able to develop and realize their full potential.


Dedicated and qualified employees are a key factor in our success as a service provider. To this end, we offer employees a wide variety of further training and personal development opportunities. Another focus is on nurturing new talent. Particularly with a view to demographic change, recruiting and securing talent for the long term is central to our corporate success. Our Group-wide HR strategy is therefore based on the pillars of leadership and corporate culture, systematic performance, talent and succession management, and improvements to make us an even more attractive employer.

To promote our employees’ personal development, Klöckner & Co offers classroom training on various topics as well as an extensive range of online training courses through our "Digital Academy". In addition, we have created targeted measures to identify and develop our talents in order to better identify the needs of our customers and offer them tailored solutions.

Our tried-and-tested Emerging Leaders Program -  a global development program for the upcoming generation of branch managers - has been running since 2015. This program refreshes and trains the skills needed for future-focused branch management. Topics range from contemporary business administration knowledge and sales training to leadership skills and design thinking methods, as an effective toolkit for innovative and customer-centric business practices in the context of our digital transformation.

Additionally a Country Talent Pool Program was launched in all country organizations in 2018. As part of this program, young talent is selected and provided with targeted support and training over a period of twelve months. Participants complete five modules, each in a different location.

For career starters and students, Klöckner & Co offers internships and working student positions, where they can apply and consolidate content from their studies in real-life business situations. Our German activities in this connection follow the quality standards of the “Fair Company” initiative, for which Klöckner & Co reaffirms its commitment each year. We also offer a large number of apprenticeships and equivalent programs to provide young people with a career entry point while ensuring that Klöckner is able to secure well-qualified young talents. 


The fact that our further training activities are well received is demonstrated, for instance, by the consistently positive feedback regarding our Emerging Leader Program, as well as our kununu rankings (Europe’s biggest employer rating platform), where we are regularly rated a top employer.


Occupational safety is a key issue for us as a steel distributor with a high percentage of wage earners employed at our branches. A healthy and safe working environment both protects our employees and ensures smooth process workflows. Compliance with occupational safety regulations and laws forms the basis for safe and healthy workplaces.

Since 2013, our occupational safety activities have been brought together under the “Safety 1st” initiative in Europe and similar initiatives at our American country organizations. In line with our Group-level objectives, these initiatives are geared to raising occupational safety awareness among employees and feature a broad package of measures to reduce accident numbers. Officers at each country organization are responsible for the regional implementation of adopted measures, subject accident causes to plausibility checking, perform risk analysis and coordinate cross-location training. Accidents are always avoidable and preventive action enables us to avert loss or harm to employees and our business in advance.


For Klöckner & Co, fair working conditions are the basis for the motivation and hence the productivity of our employees. A working environment characterized by mutual respect and free from discrimination of any kind is a necessary precondition for comittment and creativity.

In general, we strive to increase diversity in our workforce as well as foster creativity and an innovative spirit in the Company with employees of differing cultural backgrounds, lifestyles and values. For us as an international Group, serving our customers every day in numerous countries around the world calls for a strong global team with a high level of diversity. In total, we employ people from some 70 different nationalities in our Group. Recruitment criteria are based exclusively on professional aptitude. In accordance with collective agreements, we also do not differentiate in terms of payment.

The effectiveness of our approach for promoting women in managerial positions is demonstrated by the findings of the "Frauen-Karriere-Index" (Women’s Career Index) for the years 2015 to 2018, produced by Barbara Lutz Management GmbH. In this annual external survey, based on objective company data on the promotion of women in management positions, we were rated one of the top ten companies among more than 160 participating companies for the fourth consecutive year.


Felix Schmitz

Head of IR, Internal Communications & Sustainability

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