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We strive to use natural resources responsibly and preserve them for future generations. For this reason we focus on using resources efficiently. Through systematic environmental and quality management, as well as continuously optimizing our logistics, we also make a significant contribution to climate protection.

Our British subsidiary, for example, already obtains 80% of its electricity from renewable energy sources. Our Dutch subsidiary reduced the fuel consumption of its fleet of trucks and consequently their CO2 emissions by introducing modern on-board computers that give continuous feedback on driving behavior, road and engine speed.

Alongside ISO certifications to improve quality standards within the scope of our Quality Management initiatives, the environmental management standard ISO 14001 has been already implemented in parts of our Group.


Carbon Disclosure Project

“The Carbon Disclosure Project works with international investors to make investment options more transparent and risks to global warming comparable. Within this framework, emissions and investment risks can be reduced on a sustainable basis, as the program encourages more than 3,000 of the world´s largest companies to make their climate strategies, greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption visible by using the proven investor Carbon Disclosure Project format.”

Source: Carbon Disclosure Project

Klöckner & Co has been actively involved in the Carbon Disclosure Project for several years. We compile CO2 emissions data from all the key European and American subsidiaries.

In order to improve our carbon footprint in a sustainable manner, we focus on:

  • optimizing of our freight planning
  • continually improving the capacity utilization of our vehicle fleet