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Corporate Citizenship

At Klöckner & Co, we engage in social commitment primarily in the regional environment surrounding our sites. Thus we focus on projects aimed at providing basic needs and educating socially disadvantaged children, because all children should have the same opportunities for successful development, regardless of their social status. In addition, we sponsor selected scientific, sports, art and cultural initiatives, as well as social and humanitarian projects.

Our national subsidiaries can best assess the individual needs in their regions and direct their donations and sponsorship activities autonomously. They abide by one Group-wide operating procedure: they must report any significant donations and sponsorship activities to headquarters. Thus we provide an assured common direction while simultaneously meeting the individual demands in our markets.

To avoid any conflicts of interest, we do not donate to political parties, individual persons, for-profit organizations or organizations whose goals conflict with our governance principles or might harm our reputation.

Code of Conduct

"We-together" – Help for refugees

The support for refugees is one focus of our social commitment. As access to the labor market plays a particularly important role in the integration of refugees, we adopted a sponsorship for the ReDI School of Digital Integration in Berlin.

This sponsorship is our contribution for the "Wir-Zusammen – Integrations-Initiative der deutschen Wirtschaft" ("We-together – German Industry Integration Initiative").

The sponsorship aims to help refugees with an IT background gain an entry into the technology and startup scene. To this end, we are collaborating with the ReDI School of Digital Integration, where the refugees are taught the programming languages HTML, CSS, Ruby on Rails and JavaScript, and given access to a large network of employers.

Klöckner & Co itself makes internships available to ReDI course participants. In addition, selected graduates are to be offered employment contracts at the Klöckner & Co startup kloeckner.i. Course content is closely coordinated between kloeckner.i and the ReDI School to ensure students of the best possible preparation for the requirements that await them at the company.

In addition to their classes, students also participate in regular networking events and meet with their mentors to reinforce the coursework. All the teachers and mentors at ReDI are volunteers with years of experience in the digital economy.

The collaboration with the ReDI School is designed to last at least two years. Klöckner & Co is the main sponsor of the first two programming courses with over 40 refugees, and is supporting the organization’s expansion.

Our Sponsorship Commitment


Through partnerships with universities and other educational institutions, we engage in the dialogue between the world of academia and business, participate in the latest research developments and keep in touch with well-qualified and motivated future employees. In cooperation with Initiativkreis Ruhr, we have been offering high school students from the Ruhr region the chance to meet and talk to our CEO, Gisbert Rühl, as part of the “Youth Dialogue” event for several years now.


In Germany we maintain close contact with the European Business School (EBS) and the University of Duisburg-Essen. High-ranking Klöckner & Co managers hold speeches to the students, and we actively participate in dialogue events at these universities. We also offer internships for selected students and give them an opportunity to apply scientific content from their studies to real business situations.


Together with the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research we sponsor talented and highly productive students within the framework of the “Germany scholarship” and encourage them to make an outstanding contribution to society. Our commitment provides great incentives for top performance and contributes to the capacity for development within our society in the long term. In this way, we take responsibility for education and the development of young skilled employees.

Read an interview with one of our scholarship holders, Jennifer Lerch.

In addition, we are committed to the “German student scholarship” initiative of the Roland Berger Foundation for gifted children and young people with difficult starting conditions. By now, the Foundation supports more than 600 students nationwide as part of this grant.

For more information on the German student scholarship initiative, please visit

Regional Aid Projects

At our company headquarters in Duisburg, the focus of our commitment is to support educational projects and cover the basic needs of socially disadvantaged children.

We are particularly involved in the Marxloh area where we began financing healthy lunches at an elementary school, GGS Sandstraße, in 2009. In 2011 we extended this program and included another school, the Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Gymnasium, and a youth center.

Fourth graders Precious and Yakup from GGS Sandstraße in Duisburg-Marxloh.

New playground roof for Duisburg Elementary School

In 2010, the roof over the Sandstraße Elementary School playground in Duisburg-Marxloh was badly damaged by fire. Since then, this area of the school grounds has been closed. The rest of the structure suffered significant damage, meaning that it had to be replaced. Klöckner & Co has provided a donation in support of this.

Duisburg's Mayor, Sören Link, celebrated the completion of the roof with our CEO Gisbert Rühl and was delighted with the generous grant. "This is an excellent demonstration of the Duisburg Company's long-term social commitment."


Gisbert Rühl, Ulrike Settner-Reinhard (Head of School), Jutta Rühl and Duisburg's Mayor Sören Link (from left to right) celebrating the completion of the new playground roof.

Integrative Education Project – 200 children and young people from Duisburg dance and make music together

Working together with the foundation Klavier-Festival Ruhr we have developed a comprehensive educational project for the musical and artistic encouragement of children in Marxloh. In 2012 we carried this out for the first time with the local primary school GGS Sandstraße and the Elly-Heuss-Knapp-Gymnasium. Since that time, we have continued our fruitful partnership.

The educational project "A Year with György Ligeti" sponsored by Klöckner & Co has won the "JUNGEN OHREN PREIS 2014" (YOUNG EARS PRICE 2014) in the category best practice "Partizipatives Projekt“ (Participatory Project). This prize is the most important one for music mediation and education projects in Germany. A great confirmation of the success of our cooperation.

Music as a key to communicate: Pupils from four regional schools at their big performance.